Pastor’s Message

Pastor Ginny’s relationship with Heidelberg Lutheran ended effective August 31, 2018.  We thank her for her two years of dedicated service to our congregation and wish her the best in the future.


We can be so grateful God is patient. There are many instances in the Bible where we see patience. Adam waits for God to create a companion for him. Noah waits for the waters to recede. Abraham and Sarah wait for a son. Isaac waits 40 years for Rebekah. The Israelites wait for deliverance. You may be able to think of others.

We live in such a hurry-up world demanding everything right away. It’s called instant gratification. Yet, within our society there are instances where we have to wait. We get engaged – we wait for the wedding. We are pregnant – we wait for the arrival of the baby. We buy a house – we wait for settlement to move in. We attend school and we work and wait for at least twelve years – maybe more to complete our studies.

Healing takes patience, too. Your Pastor has not been sitting on the sidelines waiting and working to heal. And, I assure you I was not alone. There were the doctors, nurses, aides and PT folks who cheered me on. There is a wonderful friend who took me in and gave me the physical and emotional support I needed each day. There were many prayer warriors at work starting with my family, and progressing to friends and those of you in the churches. I felt your prayers and concerns; hope and encouragement as well as having your cards and well wishes. I thank each of you for thoughts and prayers.

Now, we want to immediately get on with the business at hand. But, we need patience. You are not the same as you were 6-7 months ago. I am not the same as 6-7 months ago. We each have evolved in a special way directed by God. For us to understand what God has in mind for all of us we need to understand the immediacy of God. Some days it seems to be lightening fast. On other days it seems to be taking years. (See Bible examples above.)

Together we will work out the possibilities God might have in store for us. Coming to grips with those possibilities can be the difficult thing to reckon with. The word immediate appears in the book of Mark seventeen times. His insistence that everything had to be speeded up did not change God’s timeline.

In the next several months the conversations will be easy. At other times they will be difficult. We need to always understand that God is in charge of God’s people and will do the tugging and pulling necessary to direct our paths – sometimes against our will.

Today, I am thankful I am able to return to your pulpits. I write this at 5:30 am on Sunday morning, April 15. Under the guidance and with the grace given me from God, I promise to do my very best to be a faithful and loyal servant to our God. Pastor Ginny

One final note: Thank you to each of for the warm welcome I received at the services yesterday. It made my return very satisfying. I continue to do whatever I can to minister to you to the best of my abilities.

Pastor Ginny